The Rodder’s Journal

Honored does not fully describe how I feel about being included in the Spotlight section of The Rodder’s Journal #81. Never in my wildest imaginings did I think what I do here at NumNob and its humble beginnings would make it into these hallowed pages! 

A heaping pile of gratitude and mahalo goes out to not only Curt Iseli and everyone at TRJ for the feature, but also to all of you that follow and supports NumNob! 


Work In Progress

Working out a pattern with the acrylic sheet cut to size is a crucial stage and a lot of creative energy goes into making everything balance, express and illustrate what you want from your piece.



Here’s a peak at how a concept can be realized. U.F.O. valve stem caps with glow-in-the-dark tractor beams.


Building Blocks

I've been making NumNob's for a couple of years now and sifting through all my photos to add to this site gallery is overwhelming. I actually haven't kept a count of how many pieces I've made, but there are hundreds of them! I really should do some accounting of the finished pieces. Please be patient as I add images here.